Welcome to The Humanities Association Website

The Humanities Association was for several decades a subject association which made a key contribution to the discussions and debates around humanities subjects in secondary and primary schools.

This website will eventually contain most of the records and publications of the Humanities Association. In addition, it will provide an occasional commentary on current news relevant to humanities education and include reviews of
selected resources and links relevant to humanities teaching.

We hope that the Humanities Association website will continue to play a role in defending and promoting humanities teaching.

The Humanities Association

The Humanities Association (until 1991 the association was called the Integrated Humanities Association) held its inaugural conference in October 1984 and for over 30 years has provided through its conferences, meetings, publications and resources a forum for the discussion of radical curriculum design and pedagogy in the humanities.

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What are the humanities?

The following is an extract from the statement of Aims of the Humanities Association (HUMS).

'Humanities is about people: how people create the world they live in; how the world they live in makes them the people they are'. The Humanities Association aims to provide an independent forum for debate about major issues in all aspects of Humanities education.
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