Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Torn from home

Holocaust Memorial Day was created on 27th January 2000, the landmark date of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. It has become a day of international commemoration to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust; under Nazi persecution; and in the subsequent genocides...Read More »

Grammar schools and the policy void

It’s not just the stultifying impact on policy making of the prolonged Brexit negotiations which has produced the current sterility in educational policy development. Although government time may be may be absorbed by different approaches to falling off the European economic cliff, education policy is mired in a lack of...Read More »

OFSTED discovers the curriculum

As the regulatory body for our schools, Ofsted has shown surprisingly little interest in the curriculum. Schools have been evaluated in terms of their outcomes, the quality of leadership and management, the effectiveness of teaching and the effectiveness of their provision for pupils’ welfare and personal development. The central purpose...Read More »

Global Teaching Awards

Well-deserved congratulations to Andria Zafirakou for winning the Global Teacher Award which attracted 30 thousand nominees from some 170 countries. The award not only recognises Andria’s excellence as a practitioner and as an inspirational force for her students, but as she said is a recognition of the crucially important role...Read More »

New Year - New Secretary of State for Education

It may be a sign of something but each time a new secretary of state for education is appointed it leads to a positive re-evaluation of the last one. (This is not an absolute truth, Michael Gove was held in such low esteem by just about everyone that he has to...Read More »